Technology Assistance

Chromebook Tips and Google Tutorials

If you need some help with Google programs and Chromebook basics, take a look at the tutorials found here.

Chromebook Requests

If you need to request a chromebook for your child, click on the link below to complete the request form. Then email Mrs. Balzano and your child’s teacher to let them know you have put in a request.

Chromebook Request Form – IT Support for Parents

Chromebook Repairs

If your child’s chromebook needs to be repaired, send an email to Mrs. Balzano (and your child’s teacher) alerting them of the issue. Your child will be issued a loaner chromebook while the repair takes place.

Chromebook Case Request

If you were not given one and need to request a chromebook cover for your child’s device, please complete the form and one will be provided as soon as the next shipment arrives.