Grade 2

Our Second Grade Teachers Classroom
Mrs. Sandy MercierB – 3
Mrs. Diana RedingB – 4
Mrs. Lucia AbateB – 5
Mrs. Freda StantonB – 2

Curriculum Overview for Grade 2*

English Language Arts

Frequent practice in reading, writing, speaking, and listening continues in grade 2. Through readers’ and writers’ workshop, each student engages in reading literature and informational text; in writing narrative, informational/ explanatory, and opinion pieces; in speaking to convey his or her own ideas clearly; and in listening to understand the ideas of others.


We probably take for granted adding and subtracting two-digit numbers (e.g., 77-28), but the ability to perform mathematical operations accurately and quickly is a learned skill in grade 2. So is understanding what the digits mean in a three-digit number such as 463 (namely, that 463 is four hundreds, six tens, and three ones). Such skills and understandings are the foundation for later work, including understanding fractions by working with shapes and geometry.


Grade 2 students engage in science through the use of science modules that promote hands-on investigations with Solids & Liquids, Air & Weather, and Soil Science. Grade 2 Science curriculum, instruction, and assessment help each student explore the following concepts:

  • Matter is anything that has mass and occupies space. The three major states of matter are liquids, solids, and gases.
  • Daily weather conditions affect our lives, and can be observed and recorded.
  • Soil has different properties such as particle size, texture, and the capacity to hold water. Soil provides a habitat to many living things, especially earthworms.

Through the use of student notebooks, students will demonstrate their understanding of  science concepts and key vocabulary, make and record observations, and present information in words and drawings.

Social Studies

Grade 2 Social Studies curriculum, instruction, and assessment utilize the Town of Trumbull to help each student:

  • Expand his or her knowledge of geography, history, and human interdependence
  • Understand, through personal stories, what life was like for people long ago
  • Begin understanding the rich diversity of our society through exploring cultural differences of geographical regions within the United States, as well as common values, beliefs, and ways of celebrating history

Library Media

Grade 2 Library Media curriculum, instruction, and assessment help each student learn to:

  • Use strategies for choosing a book based on his or her age and interests, examine different genres to aid in his or her appreciation of literature, and locate a table of contents, index, and glossary in a book
  • Create a research report including a graphic organizer and a simple citation, use a computer to write a paragraph, and locate and insert a picture, save an electronic file, and print a hard copy


Grade 2 Music curriculum, instruction, and assessment help each student learn to:

  • Sing increasingly complex songs with correct melody, invent melodies on Orff instruments, and play melodies in sequence
  • Experiment with harmony and identify beats, including recognizing and writing four-beat patterns

Physical Education

Grade 2 Physical Education curriculum, instruction, and assessment help each student learn to:

  • Demonstrate and apply motor skill performance in team and individual lifetime activities
  • Develop a health-enhancing level of physical fitness

Visual Arts

Grade 2 Visual Arts curriculum, instruction, and assessment help each student learn to:

  • Experiment with drawing, color theory, design, painting, printmaking, three-dimensional work, and textiles

*Copied from the Trumbull Public School’s District’s K-5 Curriculum Brochure